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Survivor of Internet predator shares her story

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

GREEN BAY, Wis. - She's now a strong advocate for internet and child safety awareness, but nearly two decades ago Alicia Kozakiewicz says she feared for her life when a man she met online abducted her, held her hostage, and tortured her. 

Kozakiewicz talked about her story today at the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Conference.

She said this issue needs attention, and she's making a difference herself.

Kozakiewicz is the namesake of 'Alicia's Law,' which provides additional funding to help law enforcement prevent these internet crimes.

Wisconsin passed the law in 2016.

Kozakiewicz says she's now hearing about the affect its had.

"Today I got to hear it from the people who need it, who say our load is lighter, the weight is lifted off our shoulders a little bit," Kozakiewicz said. "We can go out and save kids because of this law."

Kozakiewicz said helping others rescue children is all she could ever ask for.

'Alicia's Law' has now been passed in 11 states.

Kozakiewicz said she's working to get in passed everywhere she can.

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