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Kidnapping victim files motion asking judge to relocate her attacker

UPDATE: A lot of you have asked what you can do to help... please SIGN and SHARE this petition.


I need your support! It sickens me to share this and infuriates me that it's become necessary. Over the last month or so, I have been reminded of that fact that offenders have far more rights than victims.

The offender being released with no warning to my parents' neighborhood, where he has no connections, has taken this from being a past trauma to now becoming a current victim. People often use the term "re-victimize," and while I understand the sentiment, it tones down the true meaning of what happens over and over again to survivors. This is a NEW victimization. My family and I are once again being victimized and terrorized.

I have been an advocate for others for 15 years and have realized that I am not the best at advocating for myself. Well, no more, I will no longer be powerless and helpless in this. I will stand up for family, my beloved Pittsburgh, future survivors, and myself!

Thank you for your support. <3

P.S. I never use the offender's name or show his image. Unfortunately, there's plenty of that in the video


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