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Kidnapping, sexual assault victim speaks out for first time since attacker was sent back to jail

It was AMAZING to come back to Pittsburgh to be with my family for Thanksgiving and have it feel like home again.

While here, I even had the opportunity to share my story, how to stay safe online, and how to ask for help when you need it with students at Plum Junior Senior High School.

For awhile, it was unsafe to come home. The offender who kidnapped me was released into Pittsburgh and it was a 10 month battle - a literal battle - to get him moved.

My family and I received so much support and I am grateful to ALL OF YOU who offered words of kindness. Your support helped more than you know. ❤️

While my nightmare, at least this particular part of it, seems to be over for the next two years, it is important to remember that there are many survivors who are fighting to get the offender who victimized them removed from their vicinity.

During the last 10 months, I received dozens of messages from survivors in similar situations who asked me to use my platform and voice to fight for change.

While I celebrate this victory (if that's the right word) with my family, I will never forget that though this battle was won, the war is not over and I will continue to fight for victims and survivors everywhere.

You are not alone in what happened to you. I, and so many others, will always be here to support and fight for and with you.

I made it my mission to end predatory crime when I was just a little girl and this is a new chapter added to it.

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