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CNN Travel: Meet the abduction survivor helping airlines stop human trafficking

Thrilled that CNN is covering this important issue and highlighting the work I did with Airline Ambassadors International at the #DISPAXWorld Conference in London and will continue to do around the world! 💙 Learn how to spot the signs and help airlines stop human trafficking. ✈

Read the article for more tips that could help you save a life: Maybe you're sitting there and you're waiting for your flight or you're standing in security, or you're on the plane -- there's a lot of time to sit and be with people.

So please, pay attention. Report if you see something — if you have that gut feeling. Go with it, don't second-guess it too much. It can be a hard thing to do, because you may disrupt somebody's life for a few moments if it's discovered they aren't doing anything. That is best case scenario. That is what you want. But if there's a chance of saving somebody's life — what could be more important than saving somebody from being tortured, abused, and possibly murdered? I know, because my life was saved.

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