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Airline Ambassadors International Welcomes Alicia Kozakiewicz as Human Trafficking Awareness Trainer

Alicia Kozakiewicz and AAI CEO, Nancy Rivard

Alicia Kozakiewicz is the newest Human Trafficking Awareness Trainer for Airline Ambassadors International.

She met Nancy Rivard, President and Founder, as well as Peggy Durfey, Michele Krick, and ML Murray of Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) when AAI presented a sample Human Trafficking Awareness Training at the SAFE 2014 Conference in Chicago, IL.

Alicia will begin training airport personnel and flight attendants at Chicago O'Hare International airport starting January 2015.

She also helped to create a petition with AAI, which encourages airlines to train their staff to recognize and report suspected Human Trafficking. She presented the petition at the SAFE 2014 Conference in Chicago, IL.

Please show your support by signing HERE to petition airlines to train staff on Human Trafficking.

Peggy Durfey, Michele Krick, Alicia Kozakiewicz, and Nancy Rivard


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