The Alicia Project

Founded by Alicia Kozakiewicz, The Alicia Project promotes internet and child safety awareness, advocates for missing and recovered persons and battles against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking. For more information on The Alicia Project, visit the website here.

Alicia's Law

Alicia Kozakiewicz works alongside PROTECT to secure the passage of her namesake, Alicia's Law, in all 50 states. Due to a lack of dedicated federal resources, less than two percent of known child exploitation cases are being investigated. Alicia's Law provides a dedicated steady stream of state-specific funding to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces. By creating a new revenue stream, Alicia's Law builds permanent capacity for child rescue teams, revenue that will not fall victim to yearly fights over or cuts to the general budget. Alicia's Law focuses on securing state funding for the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces, a network of 61 task forces that makes up the backbone of U.S. capacity to fight child exploitation. The success and impact of Alicia's Law is measured solely in arrests and child rescues, and no funding is earmarked for nonprofit organizations or other related purposes. Learn more about Alicia's Law here.