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Alicia Kozakiewicz Helps to Create and Speaks at the 1st Human-Trafficking Conference in chicago,il

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

In November of 2013, Alicia Kozakiewicz spoke at the Annual Illinois Psychological Association Conference on Human-Trafficking. Realizing that there needed to be more of a focus, Alicia met with psychologists in the local area, several of which she had worked with in the past bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking. Alongside Dr. Kalyani Gopal, and other survivors, Alicia Kozakiewicz helped to create the SAFE 2014 Conference: Sex-Trafficking Awareness, Freedom, and Empowerment (SAFE), the first Human-Trafficking focused conference in Chicago, IL.

The SAFE 2014 Conference's purpose is to fuel debate and discussion about how we can create a bridge from victim, to survivor, from insensitivity to creative awareness, and from successful trafficking to incarcerated criminal. SAFE Coalition for Human Rights (SAFECHR) has gathered a diverse group of professionals to come together, find solutions, and develop a working global task force that will meet each month to implement these findings. 

The SAFE 2014 Conference was held at the the Oak Lawn Hilton, near Midway Airport on October 28 - 31.

Alicia Kozakiewicz participated in several panels, including:

"Survivors' Panel: Gaps and Failures from Identification to Rehabilitation" The survivors' panel discuss the gaps and failures from identification, to rescue, and intervention to rehabilitation. Panelists discuss the ways in which they want the media, mental health professionals, attorneys, and others to intervene more effectively. 

"Interviewing Survivors: Insights for Law Enforcement"   This training covers thorough best practices, laying the groundwork for a successful interview while gaining the victim-witness trust, developing a long term relationship, gathering intelligence, diverting victim-witness to services and more, from an expert survivor consultant viewpoint, 

"Connecting the Wheels: Developing Smooth Transitions Between Systems: Proven Strategies for Transitioning Between Agencies, Schools, Outreach, Police, FBI, Mental Health, and Safe Houses."  The panelists explores effective strategies that bring together professionals and advocates from diverse fields to connect the wheels.

Cristal Thomas, Deputy Gov. IL, Dr. Gopal, and Alicia Kozakiewicz (Photo by Cathy Katona)


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