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15 Travel Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Saying goodbye to London. 🇬🇧

This trip was amazing and I’ve grown from this experience. Honestly, I was nervous because it was the first time I would be traveling to a foreign country alone. I thought maybe I would stay in the hotel and not go out and explore. Some of it was concern of getting lost, as well as for safety, but it was also thinking that the experience would not be enriching while alone.

I👏🏻 was 👏🏻 so 👏🏻 wrong.👏🏻

People say that traveling alone is a special experience and it so is, but you DO have to be careful.

15 Tips I've Learned About Traveling Alone:

1. Never announce your room number in public. You'll notice that the room number is written on the paper your room key comes in and the front desk person does not say it aloud. There's a reason for that.

2. Always get two room keys. Take one and stash it in your purse. This will help if you misplace one and get locked out of your room.

3. Be careful to keep your room key away from your cellphone. This can deactivate it.

4. Look confident while wandering around. Be careful not to look lost or confused, as this can make you look vulnerable.

5. Walk with your shoulders held back, head up, and pay attention to what’s around you. Don’t stare down at your phone, even if you’re using a map app. What I like to do is wear my headset and get the directions that way. I can always quickly look down at my phone to confirm.

6. Try to explore during the day, if possible. I did go out at night, but only once I was a bit more familiar with the train and bus system.

7. Know the address of your hotel. Memorize it. The first time I went out, when coming back, I realized I didn’t memorize the address and my phone couldn’t get online to look it up. Thankfully I found a cafe with internet access.

8. Screenshot information you need to have, like directions. Don’t assume you will have online connectivity. Take a photo of your passport as well.

9. There were a few times when men came up to me and flirted, or asked too many questions. Some of it may have been innocent, but it was still uncomfortable. Recognize this and think smart. One guy asked me if I was traveling alone. I said, “Oh no, my mum is just in the store here.” It’s okay to tell a lie sometimes. 😇

10. Keep valuables in the hotel. Yes, that jewelry might be really cute and go perfectly with that outfit, but don’t wear something that my mother always calls “an attractive nuisance.”

11. Don’t stay on the 1st or ground floor of the hotel. Always insist on a higher floor. Always use the latch on the door. If it’s an adjoining room, make sure it’s locked. I will usually put the suitcase stand with my heavy suitcase on it right in front of that door just as an extra safety precaution.

12. Always look through the peephole in the hotel room door and if it’s an unexpected visitor (even if they claim to be room service or hotel staff) call the front desk.

13. Don't hesitate to ask the front desk or concierge questions about how to get places or what areas may not be safe. The concierge helped me learn the bus system.

14. Keep in touch with family and friends, as well as on social media. Let someone know where you’re going and a rough estimate of when you’re expected to be back.

15. Don’t be afraid to have fun and explore!

This is not a full list but just some of the things I’ve learned and now try to be mindful of. I travel for speaking engagements and appearances almost weekly, and have done so since I was 14 years old.

I’ve had some scares, made some mistakes, and am still learning.

This doesn’t mean don’t have fun 🎉 ... just respect yourself enough to be careful.


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